An Introduction to the Interview with Mark Lever – Chief Executive of The National Autistic Society

This page provides an introductory summary of the interview I conducted with Mark Lever – Chief Executive of The National Autistic Society. This interview was an in-depth and wide-ranging one and the various topics covered will be published across six parts from 27th April – 2nd May 2015.

This interview was ‘on the record’ and Mark had provided permission for the interview to be recorded. As a result all of the discussions published during this series are verbatim transcriptions taken from the audio recording.

Here is a guide to the key issues discussed that will be covered this week:

Part One (Monday 27th April)

Ask Autism – What Happened Next?

Part Two (Tuesday 28th April)

Following up on the NVCO recommendations on Executive Pay in the charity sector.

Part Three (Wednesday 29th April)

Autism Accreditation & The Anthony Kletzander Case.

Part Four (Thursday 30th April)

The Language of Autism: An assessment of the conflicting findings of the NAS language survey.

Part Five (Friday 1st May)

The Debate around Genetic Testing for Autism – Where does the NAS stand on Pre-Pregnancy and Prenatal tests for Autism?

Part Six (Saturday 2nd May)

Any Other Business: A round-up of the other topics discussed including the number of senior level employees in the NAS, a discussion around how Mark came to be employed as Chief Executive of the NAS, the NAS position on a ‘Police Marker’ for Autism, a look at Autism Awareness Training within the NAS and an assessment of whether the NAS is technically a charity or a ‘charitable business’.

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Lydia Andal

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Note: This page was updated on 1st May 2015 to include a reference to the NAS position on a Police Marker for Autism in Part Six of the interview.